Aviators Aircraft Set



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The Aviators Aircraft Set (av8) is a graphics set for TTDPatch and OpenTTD. It features a full range of aeroplanes and helicopters from 1920 to the present, with a few futuristic vehicles up to 2050.

Some features of the set are:
  • dual-company-coloured sprites rendered from accurate 3D models
  • new take-off and landing sounds for prop, turboprop, and jet aircraft
  • aircraft show retractable gear and flaps, and variable pitch attitudes
  • aircraft show generational differences based on year built
  • aircraft will slow down in the air and land at a realistic speed (patch only)
The set uses many of the latest patch features, and as such it is recommended that the latest nightly version of the Patch (or of OpenTTD) be used.

You can find more information about the set, and download links, on my wiki.

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