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The UK Renewal Set is a graphics set for TTDPatch. Originally intended as an expansion of the default vehicles found in Transport Tycoon, it has grown to include a representative range of locomotives and train cars found on British railways, from 1920 to the present, and also features a number of futuristic vehicles up to 2050.

Some features of the set are:
  • steam locomotives with tenders
  • locomotives changing livery based on consist or date built
  • short 2 and 3 axle wagons in the early days of steam
  • passenger and mail carriages change appearance based on date built
  • passenger and mail carriages change appearance to match multiple units
  • realistic running sounds and horn/whistle sounds for every locomotive
  • freight cars are new cargos compatible, for use with new industry sets
  • dual-company-colour liveried vehicles
  • advanced AI vehicle selection
The set uses many of the latest patch features, and as such it is recommended that the latest nightly version of the patch be used. Special thanks must be given to Andy Slater of BR Diesel Web, for allowing the use of his recordings in creating the running sounds.

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