UK Renewal Set


The UK Renewal Industry Set significantly modifies the behaviour of the secondary industries in TTDP, as well as adding a few new ones. In the original TTD, the secondary industries instantly convert incoming cargos into goods, and sit idle the remainder of the time. In this new industry set, the industries stockpile incoming cargos, and then gradually convert them into goods or other secondary cargos. This is far more realistic behaviour - industries will increase and decrease production rates based on supply and demand, slowing down as stockpiles drop - or if none of the goods produced are being transported - and increasing as stockpiles rise. Indeed, if an industry's stockpiles rise too high, the industry will stop accepting incoming cargos altogether while it catches up.

FPP | Brewery | Sawmill | Oil Refinery | Steel Mill | Factory | Power Station | Fuel Depot
Brickworks | Engineers Yard | Quarry and Clay Pit

Food Processing Plant

Accepts: Grain and Livestock
Produces: Goods
Max Pd. Rate: 900 crates per month
(450 from each of Grain and Livestock)
Max Stockpile: 700 livestock, 700t of grain

The food processing plant takes farm produce and converts it into goods to be delivered to towns.

Accepts: Grain
Produces: Goods
Max Pd. Rate: 700 crates per month
Max Stockpile: 700t of grain

The brewery produces goods from grain. It only takes 1t of grain to produce 2 crates of goods at a brewery, so they don't require much input to get a nice steady stream of goods coming out.

Accepts: Wood
Produces: Lumber and Goods
Max Pd. Rate: 1000 crates per month
Max Stockpile: 1000t of wood

The sawmill can produce either goods to be delivered to a town or lumber to be further processed at a factory. The ratio at which goods or lumber are produced depends on demand - if more of one is being transported, that cargo will be produced at a higher rate.
Oil Refinery

Accepts: Oil
Produces: Fuel Oil and Plastic
Max Pd. Rate: 900 kL per month
Max Stockpile: 1200 kL of oil

The oil refinery produces fuel oil and, via its inbuilt chemical plant, plastic. Plastic is further processed in factories, and fuel oil is accepted by fuel depots near towns. Like the sawmill, the oil refinery can adjust production ratios.

The oil refinery's burnoff flames will switch off if the refinery has no oil to process.
Steel Mill

Accepts: Iron Ore and Coal
Produces: Steel
Max Pd. Rate: 750t per month
Max Stockpile: 1000t of ore, 750t of coal

The steel mill produces steel to be processed by the factory. It requires twice as much ore as coal, and you should try and keep them balanced; it cannot process either if it does not have both.

The mill's furnaces will go dark if it runs out of coal, and the molten metal on the conveyors will disappear if it runs out of ore.

Accepts: Steel, Lumber and Plastic
Produces: Goods
Max Pd. Rate: 1800 crates per month
(600 crates from each incoming cargo)
Max Stockpile: 2000t in total

The factory processes industrial cargos into goods. A factory with only one incoming cargo has a maximum production rate of only 600 crates per month; it will be much more efficient if it is recieving two or more different cargos.
Power Station

Accepts: Coal
Produces: Nothing
Max Burn Rate: 500t per month
Max Stockpile: 1000t of coal

The power station burns coal to produce electricity, at a maximum rate of around 500t a month.

The power station's chimneys will not smoke if it has no coal to burn.
Fuel Depot

Accepts: Fuel Oil
Produces: Nothing
Max Dist. Rate: 500 kL per month
Max Stockpile: 800 kL of fuel oil

Fuel depots accept fuel oil from oil refineries, and distribute it to local businesses and industries.

Accepts: Clay, Gravel
Produces: Goods
Max Pd. Rate: 450 crates with clay only, 1125 crates with gravel, per month
Max Stockpile: 700t of Clay, 500t of Gravel

The Brickworks produces goods from clay and gravel. Clay is required, gravel is optional, but if both are supplied the result will be a much higher output.
Engineers Yard

Accepts: Fuel Oil, Gravel
Produces: Nothing
Max Dist. Rate: ?
Max Stockpile: 800 kL of fuel oil, 500t of Gravel

The Engineers Yard stockpiles fuel and gravel that is delivered to it. It will also accept an unlimited amount of goods.
Quarry and Clay Pit

These are primary industries, producing Gravel and Clay, respectively.

Most secondary industries can only be built near towns by the landscape generator, and during a game. They can however be placed anywhere in the scenario editor.

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