UK Renewal Set


0-4-0 Saddle Tank (Steam) 0-6-0 Tank Engine (Steam) 0-6-0 Freight Engine (Steam) 0-8-0 Freight Engine (Steam) 4-4-0 'Express' (Steam) 4-6-2 'Pacific' (Steam) 2-6-4 Tank Engine (Steam) 0-6-0 Pannier Tank (Steam) 2-8-0 Freight Engine (Steam) 4-6-0 'Standard Five' (Steam) 4-6-2 'Streamliner' (Steam) 2-10-0 Freight Engine (Steam) Diesel Shunter (Diesel) EE '10000' (Diesel) EE 'Deltic' (Diesel) EE 'Type 1' (Diesel) Sulzer 'Type 2' (Diesel) EE 'Type 3' (Diesel) Brush 'Type 4' (Diesel) BR 'HST' (Diesel) EMD 'Type 5' (Diesel) EMD 'Class 67' (Diesel) Vossloh 'G1206' (Diesel) AEI 'AL1' (Electric) EE 'AL6' (Electric) GEC 'Class 91' (Electric) Brush 'Class 92' (Electric) AEC Diesel Railcar (Diesel) Metro-Cammell DMU (Diesel) BR 'AM2' EMU (Electric) BR 'AM10' EMU (Electric) 'Sprinter' DMU (Diesel) BR 'C321' EMU (Electric) 'Super Sprinter' DMU (Diesel) GEC-A 'Eurostar' (Electric) Bombardier 'Voyager' (Diesel) Alstom 'Pendolino' (Electric) Wardale '5AT' (Steam) 'Gemini' (Maglev) 'Taurus' (Maglev) Brush 'AL10' (Electric) Costar 'Junker' (Fuel Cell) Costar 'Hydra' (Fuel Cell) Wardale '604' (Steam) Costar 'Century' (Fuel Cell)

Steam Locomotives
0-4-0 Saddle Tank (Steam) 0-4-0 Saddle Tank (Steam)
1921-1960 35mph 350hp 25t 80kN
A small industrial shunting locomotive. It can be used for light, short trips, until road vehicles make it obsolete.
0-6-0 Tank Engine (Steam) 0-6-0 Tank Engine (Steam)
1921-1960 50mph 600hp 50t 89kN
A larger shunting locomotive. Handy for short freight or even passenger runs that don't need the power of a tender locomotive.
0-6-0 Freight Engine (Steam) 0-6-0 Freight Engine (Steam)
1921-1960 55mph 800hp 89t 133kN
A small general goods locomotive, with a decent turn of speed.
0-8-0 Freight Engine (Steam) 0-8-0 Freight Engine (Steam)
1921-1955 45mph 1200hp 94t 200kN
The first heavy hauler. A few of these on coal traffic is a good way to get the cash rolling in early on.
4-4-0 'Express' (Steam) 4-4-0 'Express' (Steam)
1921-1942 75mph 1000hp 102t 60kN
A passenger locomotive - it doesn't have much hauling power, but it's relatively speedy.
4-6-2 'Pacific' (Steam) 4-6-2 'Pacific' (Steam)
1924-1960 95mph 1500hp 151t 128kN
A large, powerful intercity express locomotive.
2-6-4 Tank Engine (Steam) 2-6-4 Tank Engine (Steam)
1927-1970 65mph 1000hp 86t 111kN
A very useful engine, either for goods or passenger services.
0-6-0 Pannier Tank (Steam) 0-6-0 Pannier Tank (Steam)
1929-1960 60mph 750hp 49t 100kN
Similar to the 2-6-4, but smaller and cheaper. Good for short passenger services.
2-8-0 Freight Engine (Steam) 2-8-0 Freight Engine (Steam)
1933-1965 55mph 1550hp 128t 280kN
A heavy freight locomotive, slightly faster and more powerful than the 0-8-0.
4-6-0 'Standard Five' (Steam) 4-6-0 'Standard Five' (Steam)
1934-1970 80mph 1550hp 126t 146kN
A versatile design. Works well on fast goods trains, as well as passenger expresses.
4-6-2 'Streamliner' (Steam) 4-6-2 'Pacific' (Steam)
1936-1965 115mph 1600hp 166t 157kN
The fastest of the 20th century steam locomotives. For the most prestigious intercity expresses.
2-10-0 Freight Engine (Steam) 2-10-0 Freight Engine (Steam)
1954-1970 65mph 2000hp 142t 320kN
A powerful (if expensive) freight engine and the ultimate development of 20th century steam.

Diesel Locomotives
Diesel Shunter (Diesel) Diesel Shunter (Diesel)
1939-2005 25mph 350hp 50t 112kN
The cheapest locomotive in the set, it is also hopelessly slow.
EE '10000' (Diesel) EE '10000' (Diesel)
1948-1970 93mph 1600hp 131t 184kN
The first experimental mainline diesel locomotives in the UK.
EE 'Deltic' (Diesel) EE 'Deltic' (Diesel)
1957-1985 100mph 3300hp 99t 222kN
These hugely powerful passenger locomotives are quite expensive to run, so use them sparingly.
EE 'Type 1' (Diesel) EE 'Type 1' (Diesel)
1957-1994 75mph 1000hp 73t 187kN
A handy little locomotive for branchline services.
Sulzer 'Type 2' (Diesel) Sulzer 'Type 2' (Diesel)
1959-1975 90mph 1250hp 72t 200kN
A small and nimble locomotive. Good for replacing tank engines, and fast enough to handle light intercity duties.
EE 'Type 3' (Diesel) EE 'Type 3' (Diesel)
1960-2000 80mph 1750hp 107t 256kN
One of the most useful and reliable early diesel designs. Useful on heavy freights and passenger trains.
Brush 'Type 4' (Diesel) Brush 'Type 4' (Diesel)
1962-2025 95mph 2580hp 120t 267kN
Similar to the Type 3, but with a little more power and speed.
BR 'HST' (Diesel) BR 'HST' (Diesel)
1977-2030 125mph 4500hp 140t 160kN
These express train sets were for a long time the fastest diesel powered trains in the world.
EMD 'Type 5' (Diesel) EMD 'Type 5' (Diesel)
1986- 65mph 3000hp 126t 467kN
A very powerful heavy freight train. Its low speed may cause traffic jams if your network is poorly designed.
EMD 'Class 67' (Diesel) EMD 'Class 67' (Diesel)
2000- 125mph 2980hp 90t 141kN
A modern high-speed goods and, occasionally, passenger locomotive.
Vossloh 'G1206' (Diesel) Vossloh 'G1206' (Diesel)
2005- 60mph 2000hp 90t 288kN
These German-built locomotives are ideal for light cargo operations away from the main lines.

Electric Locomotives
AEI 'AL1' (Electric) AEI 'AL1' (Electric)
1959-1970 100mph 3200hp 79t 222kN
A prototype electric locomotive.
EE 'AL6' (Electric) EE 'AL6' (Electric)
1965-1998 100mph 3600hp 81t 258kN
The first mass-produced electric locomotives in the UK. Useful for goods trains, as well as intercity passengers.
GEC 'Class 91' (Electric) GEC 'Class 91' (Electric)
1988-2040 140mph 6000hp 84t 289kN
The electric HST. Put a mail car on the other end of the train to create a driving car.
Brush 'Class 92' (Electric) Brush 'Class 92' (Electric)
1993-2040 90mph 6700hp 126t 400kN
A high-speed, high power electric goods locomotive.

Multiple Units
AEC Diesel Railcar (Diesel) AEC Diesel Railcar (Diesel)
1934-1960 70mph 260hp 26t 35kN
An early experiment with diesel on the rails. Quite underpowered, but they have their uses.
Metro-Cammell DMU (Diesel) Metro-Cammell DMU (Diesel)
1956-1990 70mph 600hp 65t 80kN
The first proper DMUs available. They are much cheaper to operate on short runs than a steam locomotive.
BR 'AM2' EMU (Electric) BR 'AM2' EMU (Electric)
1958-1970 75mph 768hp 90t 110kN
The first EMUs available. A nice short-range companion to the AL1.
BR 'AM10' EMU (Electric) BR 'AM10' EMU (Electric)
1965-1990 75mph 1080hp 84t 133kN
A more powerful and economical development of the AM2.
'Sprinter' DMU (Diesel) 'Sprinter' DMU (Diesel)
1984-1990 75mph 570hp 75t 100kN
A slight upgrade of the basic DMU.
BR 'C321' EMU (Electric) BR 'C321' EMU (Electric)
1988- 100mph 1,328hp 81t 130kN
With 100mph running, the C321 can be used for short intercity hops, as well as suburban runs.
'Super Sprinter' DMU (Diesel) 'Super Sprinter' DMU (Diesel)
1990- 90mph 800hp 76t 100kN
Yet another upgrade to the basic DMU.
GEC-A 'Eurostar' (Electric) GEC-A 'Eurostar' (Electric)
1993- 180mph 16400hp 137t 277kN
Extremely expensive to operate, the Eurostar is best used on dedicated lines between large cities.
Bombardier 'Voyager' (Diesel) Bombardier 'Voyager' (Diesel)
2002- 125mph 3000hp 86t 160kN
The ultimate DMU, the Voyager features a tilting body for faster cornering.
Alstom 'Pendolino' (Electric) Alstom 'Pendolino' (Electric)
2002- 140mph 6800hp 82t 210kN
The ultimate EMU, the Pendolino also has a tilting body.

Futuristic Locomotives
Wardale '5AT' (Steam) Wardale '5AT' (Steam)
2011- 115mph 3000hp 142t 122kN
A new steam technology. Designed for passenger services, but also useful for containerised goods.
'Gemini' (Maglev) 'Gemini' (Maglev)
2015- 310mph 1500hp 45t xkN
The first maglev train. Extremely fast, but obviously needs its own special tracks.
'Taurus' (Maglev) 'Taurus' (Maglev)
2019- 270mph 3000hp 80t xkN
A special freight maglev, which hauls goods in containers.
Brush 'AL10' (Electric) Brush 'AL10' (Electric)
2020- 100mph 10000hp 124t 490kN
A fast and extremely powerful electric freight locomotive.
Costar 'Junker' (Fuel Cell) Costar 'Junker' (Fuel Cell)
2027- 80mph 2200hp 87t 220kN
Cheaper and cleaner to run than a diesel, the Junker is a light freight locomotive.
Costar 'Hydra' (Fuel Cell) Costar 'Hydra' (Fuel Cell)
2030- 140mph 4000hp 138t 200kN
Fuel Cell technology used in an express passenger train. Uses a tilting body design.
Wardale '604' (Steam) Wardale '604' (Steam)
2033- 150mph 4000hp 155t 177kN
A further development of the 5AT, and the ultimate development of 21st century steam.
Costar 'Century' (Fuel Cell) Costar 'Century' (Fuel Cell)
2039- 150mph 5500hp 150t 240kN
A further development of the Hydra, and the last locomotive developed in the game.

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